Reaching the pets that need it the most

Ready for transport to get spayed!

New fence built for 3 dogs

Beat the Heat Donations 2014

Pet Buddies is excited to expand the Community Outreach portion of our organization. We reach out to underprivileged communities that need resources to care for their beloved pets. We also spend a lot of time educating the people on responsible pet care.

During these Community Outreach Projects, pets get vaccinated, de-wormed, flea prevention, pet food, treats, leashes & collars, new bedding & most importantly signed up for spay & neuter. In addition, we build dog houses, build fencing, donate straw during winter months and try to find solutions for dogs on chains.

Many of these communities have pets that roam free & have had many litters of kittens or puppies. Often times the families will bring dogs for vaccines on a cable wire, rope or nothing at all. This is when we provide them with leashes and collars. They bring kittens that are dehydrated & hungry. This is when we donate water/food bowls and food. Many of the pets have fleas and this is when they get a dose of flea prevention. Dogs and cats have come to us skinny and this is when we provide canned food to help them gain weight. Some pets may come with overgrown nails and this is when we provide a nail trim.

We have a lot of communities that need our help, our work is never done.  Click here to see more photos of our hard work!


New fence, gate, straw and new dog house for Lolita 2015 - RIP Lolita 2017

Vaccine line at Beat the Heat Outreach


Tire shop TNR project - 9 cats fixed!



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