• We provide temporary pet food and supply assistance for families in need.

  • Every month we deliver pet food and supplies to seniors, disabled, veterans, medically fragile and the homeless through our mobile outreach program. In addition, we provide them with vet care as needed.

  • Our Teddies' Fund provides additional support for families who have senior pets with extra needs.

  • We provide support & the tools for those looking to TNR (trap,neuter,return) cats in their community.

  • Provide general wellness.

  • We create pop-up community projects in under-served communities to help meet their pets needs.

  • We provide spay and neuter sponsorship to struggling pet owners- we fix approximately 300+ pets annually.

  • We care for several local cat colonies daily, and maintain their vet care as needed.

  • Host and sponsor free workshops to build cat houses and more!

  • We help educate, provide resources and find solutions for dogs & cats living in poor conditions.

                        Cliff Notes of our on-going community volunteer work

      (please note that we are no longer a pet food pantry, we are a community outreach organization)