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Working within communities

Creating change

Our community outreach program seeks to increase the overall health and well-being of pets in underserved communities. We work hard to build trusting relationships and establish an ongoing positive presence in the communities we help.

Our goals:

  • Improving pet's overall health and wellness through education and resources

  • Targeting communities and pets that need help the most

  • Preventing pet homelessness by providing free spay/neuter & pet food assistance 

  • Breaking down barriers and cultivating relationships in areas where poverty is high & resources are limited

  • Help as many pet owners keep their pets through challenging circumstances as possible

  • Lessen the number of pets that enter shelters

Providing Spay & Neuter

For families who cannot afford it

Every year we sponsor up to 300 spay and neuter surgeries for struggling pet owners. Spay & Neuter prevents unwanted litters, and the end results mean less animals dying in shelters or wondering Atlanta's busy streets. We also provide TNR assistance. Trap-Neuter-Return is the humane and effective approach for stray and feral cats. We are putting an end to the cycle. 

To date: We have sponsored 2,400 spay and neuter surgeries for struggling pet owners & community cats.

Keeping Bellies Full

Donating pet food to struggling families

One out of six Americans live in poverty, there are tens of millions of people living in poverty with pets. Some of the families we help are single parents, veterans, seniors, disabled, homeless, and everyday people who have fallen on hard times. Our mobile outreach program delivers pet food to low income areas of Atlanta & homeless camps to ensure the pet food gets to the where it is most needed. Our assistance can mean the difference for a pet living with their family or entering a shelter. 

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