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                                     Temporary Pet Food Assistance Program

  • The pet food assistance program serves Dekalb & Fulton - Atlanta low-income families.

  • Our team donates pet food in the city of Atlanta - we are not able deliver.

  • Pets must be spayed/neutered If you have not been able to afford S/N, we are happy to help with assistance. For more info on the importance of spay/neuter click here 

  • One distribution date every 5-6 weeks, by appointment only. 

Cat Colonies - We are a small organization. We focus on family-owned pets and manage colonies in East Atlanta. Due to limited funding, increased needs & little hands-on help with labor - we cannot afford to meet all the colony pet food requests. We are happy to provide one time assistance & add you to a list for when we have extra cat food available.

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