Who can apply?


  • Low income families. Single parents, military, disabled, homeless, seniors, and families on public assistance

  • Georgia resident's only

  • You may apply once - we may sponsor up to 2 family owned pets 

  • If you are interested in providing TNR to a group of community cats and need sponsorship, you may apply


  • Serious applicants only (those who are committed to making it to their early morning appointments) 

  • Must have valid ID, current proof of low-income status/public assistance

  • If you are not a part of our current outreach project, each pet will have a non-refundable small co-pay. This allows us sponsor more pets in need, cover the required rabies vaccine & help keep you committed to your appointment

Between 3-4 million healthy & adoptable dogs & cats are euthanized in US animal shelters every year simply because there are not enough homes. An estimated 100,000+ animals are destroyed in the Atlanta metro area. 


How do millions of animals end up in shelters?



  • Cost of pet ownership

  • Moving 

  • Irresponsible 'breeders'

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Lack of training/behavioral issues

  • Irresponsible pet ownership

  • Having a baby

  • Laziness