Who can apply?


  • Anyone struggling financially. Single parents, military, disabled, homeless, seniors, and families on public assistance

  • Georgia resident's only

  • You may apply once - we may sponsor up to 2 family owned pets 


  • Only serious applicants - We are a volunteer driven organization that work hard to raise funds - our time is valuable and so is our clinics. If you are not likely to show up to your appointment, please do not apply.

  • Must have valid ID, current proof of low-income status/public assistance.

  • If you are not a part of our current outreach project, each pet will have a small co-pay. This allows us sponsor more pets in need, cover the required rabies vaccine & help keep you committed to your appointment.

  • You must transport your pet to and from the clinic. All cats need to be in secure cat carriers.

Between 3-4 million adoptable animals are euthanized in US animal shelters every year simply because there are not enough homes.

In Atlanta alone - an estimated 100,000 animals are destroyed in the Atlanta metro area, on our tax dollars. We are HUGE spay and neuter advocates, it truly saves lives. 


How do millions of animals end up in shelters?



  • Cost of pet ownership

  • Moving 

  • Irresponsible 'breeders'

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Lack of training/behavioral issues

  • Irresponsible pet ownership

  • Having a baby

  • Laziness 




Ruby was a feral kitten that was rescued too late. Ruby's life could have been and should have been so different. In her honor, we save others. We created the Ruby Fund to help provide spay/neuter assistance to families in desperate need.