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The "Teddie's Senior Fund" helps struggling families of senior pets with the supplies and care they need to help their furry family member enjoy their golden years. One goal of this fund is to ensure struggling families don't have to make the heartbreaking decision to surrender their seniors to local shelters because they do not have the means to take care of them properly. Senior pets can require extra special supplies and these can be expensive. "Teddie's Senior Fund" is here to help!

What does the Teddie's Fund offer?

The items below are just a sampling of things we may be able to offer your senior pet. We do not always have these items in stock, but if we have the funding we can help! 


*Canned Food

*Pee Pads

*Belly Bands

*Arthritic Stimulants

*Vet Approved Flea Meds

*Cat Litter


*Skin Issue Help

*Orthopedic Beds 

*Senior Food

Who can apply?

  • Low-Income families

  • Atlanta Residents - you must pick up supplies in one of our Atlanta locations. 

  • All pets must be spayed/neutered. 

"Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog."

Want to help sponsor a senior pet? Donate here.

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Teddie's Story

Teddie was rescued from a metro Atlanta area animal control when he was a young pup. He spent the next 5 years of his life at the rescue constantly being passed over by those looking for a new furry family member. You see, Ted didn't make the best first impression. He was large, he was black and he had an intimidating snarl and bark. He had a tough start in life and did not trust people easily, but once he did, he loved with every bit of his big heart. Ted was adopted by one of Pet Buddies's founders and he turned out to be the poster boy for the gratitude and love a rescue animal can show if given a chance. Teddie was the most loyal and loving boy. He was the greatest teacher of learning to trust and forgiveness. The last eight years of his life, Teddie lived like a king. He was lucky enough to be given everything he needed and wanted as he reached his golden years. He is so loved and missed each and every day. Teddie's Fund is a way to keep this special boy's memory alive and I know he looking down with that big, goofy, crooked tooth smile on his face. I love you, Bear!

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